Our Program


MLC provides living accommodations, independent living skills training, educational opportunities, counseling, advocacy, referral services, and mentoring of youth in a person-centered approach

How We Do It

Each individual's innate talents are identified through assessments and shaped through case management to empower the individual with the tools necessary to become a productive member of society.

The Mission

The mission of MLC is to provide an empowering life experience in a stable, safe, and secure living and learning environment, for homeless or transitioning youth. We are a permanent housing facility that aims to successfully transition homeless and aged out youth (ages 16 to 21 years) into independent living within 12 to 18 months.

Developmental Areas

MLC works with youth to help them fulfill their highest potential by providing services and guidance in these areas:

1. Independent Living Skills

2. Mentoring

3. Family Support

4. Education

5. Employment

6. Emergency Hygiene and Food Kits

7. Referral and Linking Services

8. Substance Prevention and Abuse Services

9. Mental Health

10. Financial Literacy

11. Rent Wise Education

12. Futures Planning

13. Case Management

14. Problem Solving Skills

15. Relationship Building